ET Headshot

Emily Tilelli

Unit 2G Woodstock Studios, Woodstock Grove, London W12 8LE
+44 (0) 203 010 3030

ET had the acting bug from a young age and despite making a few appearances in Australian TV comedy shows and commercials, discovered her love for casting in 1999 and hasn't looked back. Being a film buff with an unhealthy love of movie marathons and collecting box sets, it makes perfect sense that when given a brief, she thinks big and understands what's required no matter the genre of project. Emily is one of the lucky ones who loves her job and is known for giving performance driven studio sessions all the creativity, experimentation and direction required to encourage the best performance possible out of her actors and as a result, delivering her clients the best possible cast. ET is a fiercely competitive scrabble player, listens to Carole King and loves anything orange.

Zita Zutic Konak

With a degree in drama and film and a strong background in both production and casting it’s no surprise we pounced on Zita at the very first opportunity and were ecstatic to have her join Team ET in January 2017. A CV can only say so much so when we first met Zita we were delighted to find she had a first rate quirky style of her own, an indeterminable European accent and an infectious smile. What was not to love?! Zita makes the toughest of negotiations, the most challenging promises of first class delivery for the tightest of budgets and the relentless ET drive for new opportunities seem effortless. Of course she also shares the ‘ET Eye’ when it comes to considered, thoughtful casting, our enthusiasm for challenging briefs and our love of creative freedom to properly play in studio. A dab hand when it comes to both operating camera and directing, Zita completes the Team ET puzzle. BLAM!